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The Worst MLB Announcer is John Mayer Funny Video

03.27.2008 · Posted in MLB, Sports Videos

Worst MLB Announcer Calls the A’s vs. Redsox Game in Tokyo, Video. “And That Happened” will now be my favorite call. Please watch this. It is very funny. ” The guy pitching throws the ball, and that happened.” This has got to be the worst announcer ever. I know it is some guy with a video camera but it is very well made. Enjoy this,Worst MLB Announcer, ” And That Happened ” Funny Video

I am glad he made it to Opening Day in Japan>. Sarcasm Alert

Update. I looked at the youtube and it has over 1000 hits in 2 hours because it is John Mayer making the call. The Youtube handle that the maker of this video uses is ” Mayermusic “. You be the judge. Mayermusic has a few John Mayer videos on it.

Just so people understand, this is a video he posted under the same name a few months ago that makes fun of the Vick dog fighting scandal. Who knew John Mayer was so funny? :-)


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