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Ted Williams Last at Bat, Home Run Video

04.14.2008 · Posted in MLB, Sports Videos

Ted Williams Last at Bat, Home Run Video. Ted Williams did what few of us could ever hope to do. He went out on top. His Home Run on his last at bat was no fluke. Being a .344 lifetime batter has a lot more to do with your intellect than your bat speed. Ted Williams describes exactly what the pitcher was thinking. The pitcher zoomed a fastball right by him, or so he thought. Ted could see in the pitchers eye that he wanted another ball so he could zoom another one. He knew the pitcher just wanted to mow down The Great Ted Williams. Well the pitcher did exactly what Ted said. Ted Williams hit the ball and watched it go out for his final hit, and his 520th Home Run. Every one wanted him to tip his cap, something he had not done since his rookie year. He was 80/20 on doing it, but he just walked right into the dugout with his head ducked down like he had been doing for years. Ted Williams even walked off the field his way. :-)

This is a great video from the Ken Burns Baseball Documentary and Bob Costas gives it a nice ending. Please enjoy this, Ted Williams Last at Bat, Homerun Video.

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