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Michael Jordan Shatters Backboard, Video

04.17.2008 · Posted in NBA, Sports Videos

Michael Jordan Shatters Backboard, Video. In a game in Italy in 1986, a young Michael Jordan soars through the sky and shatters the backboard glass in dramatic fashion. What an Athlete! This is my favorite Michael Jordan Video. Enjoy this, Michael Jordan Shatters Backboard, Video.

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After posting this, there was quite a few doubters. Here is the longer version of the video. It has closups of MJ himself. Enjoy!

12 Responses to “Michael Jordan Shatters Backboard, Video”

  1. ItsMrHarris2u says:

    what was Mike doing playing in Italy in 1986?

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  3. Very cool. Surprised I never heard of this before, since I used to be a huuuge MJ fan.

  4. ethanator1088 says:

    This is the first time anyone has seen it. It was just posted on Youtube and one of the guys that posted it sent me an email. This is one of the best Vids I have seen in a long time. MJ is my favorite athlete tied with Bo Jackson.

  5. ethanator1088 says:

    Being Awesome! That is pretty much what he does here as well. :-)

  6. Michael Jordan Shatters Backboard, Video, Short Version |…

    \r\nMJ Soars through the air. He snaps the backboard and the glass falls on the other…

  7. Wow!!! this is the first time I heard or seen this from MJ. I am surprise that this is not in the top 10 dunks of MJ career. Why is this just now being release. I watched it over and over again to see if it is authentic and it seems legit. Again still have reservations because I have never heard of this from anyone including sports analyst and commentators.

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