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Walter Payton Video, Walter Payton Highlights

06.06.2008 · Posted in NFL, Sports Videos

Walter Payton Videos, Walter Payton Highlights. Walter Payton has the incredible nick name of “Sweetness“. He was a great football player, and a great person. He was loved by his fans and his peers. His moves on the football field were inspiring, but his life off the turf was even more inspiring. Walter Payton was diagnosed with a rare form of liver disease in February of 1999. He died November 1st the same year. His illness and death was a huge surprise to all, but he still inspired. He started the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. It raises money and awareness for organ donations. He never received his transplant, but he is helping others through his influence.

Walter Payton was Greatness, Graciousness, Talent, Kindness, Hard Hitting, and Fast all rolled up into one thing that people just called “Sweetness”. There is a man of the year award for the NFL. The name of that award is called The Walter Payton/NFL Man of the Year Award. His legacy lives on. Please enjoy these, Walter Payton Videos, Walter Payton Highlights, Tribute.

Breaks Jim Browns Record, “Give my Best to Nancy” :-)

Chris Berman talks about “Sweetness”

Walter Payton Documentary

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  1. walter was sick fa real

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