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Drunk Soccer Referee, Video

07.09.2008 · Posted in Other, Soccer, Sports Videos

Drunk Soccer Referee, Video. I think drunk is an understatement. He is plastered. The only question I have is, how in the world did he get on the field in the first place. The video is of Belarus Referee Sergei Shmolik 7-9-08. He had to get helped off the field because he was so very hammered. The kicker, pardon the pun, is that this was a children’s soccer game. Please enjoy this, Drunk Soccer Referee, Video.



6 Responses to “Drunk Soccer Referee, Video”

  1. ethanator1088 says:

    I thought about it. Don't pardon that pun. I like that pun :-)

    The pun is good.

  2. Chubb_rocks says:

    This guy has some heavy spine damage or ribs. Someone give him more gatorade

  3. Walks like my gf when we go for long walks to the park

  4. Danny Noonan says:

    Same s*** happened to me while walking to a tailgate party… this is one of the oddest feelings one can have and it hurts my back just watchin it

  5. ethanator1088 says:

    I look like that when i get a kidney stone and everyone tells me to drink beer to get rid of it. :-) That is funny.

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