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NESW Sports joins the Cuzoogle Pigskin Picks

08.22.2008 · Posted in NFL


Yep, NESW Sports…. Me :-) has joined the sports blogger Pigskin Picks contest on Cuzoogle. Check out the post for details. Basically we are giving our picks of the NFL games throughout the year. Before I joined, I did not tell them my nickname. ” Pig Skin Prognosticator of Prodigious Proportions. ” I hope that does not get leaked and I get kicked out of the contest. We are doing this to

  1. Have fun.
  2. Learn more about other blogs.
  3. Interact with other bloggers.
  4. There is a cash reward, and advertising on, which is a great blog you should check out.
  5. Have fun. :-)

Here is a list of other blogs I will beat. In no particular order.

Please be sure to email me tips on how to pick, or on cool stories you find on the interweb.

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