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Dr. Julius Erving, Dr. Chapstick, Commercial

09.01.2008 · Posted in NBA, Sports Videos

Dr. Julius Erving, Dr. Chapstick, Commercial. I am so glad this did not catch on. Who knows what Youtube Commercial we would see next?

  • MJ changes his name to Stare Jordan to sell Contacts and Eye Glasses.
  • Charles Barkley changes his name to Ground Chuck Barkley so he can open up his own line of Deli’s
  • George “the Ice Cream Man” Gervin stars in a 30 second spot where he tries to push his new line of frozen push up pops.

Seriously, this is from circa 1981. Every NBA star needs to thank Michael Jordan for every Non-Chapistick commercial they do. :-)

7 Responses to “Dr. Julius Erving, Dr. Chapstick, Commercial”

  1. This commercial is a metaphor for my childhood.

  2. Can you imagine a modern NBA star doing a commercial like that and the ribbing they’d get on the court for it?

  3. I was sitting on this one all weekend long, just so you guys could start you week of right :-)

    Thanks for the comments

  4. Suzy Chaffee did one also – Suzy Chapstick, the Olympic Skier! She is even referred to as Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee on a website:

    Party on!

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