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NBA Bloopers, 1995 season, Video

09.08.2008 · Posted in NBA, Sports Videos

NBA Bloopers, 1995 season, Video. I love posting vintage NBA videos. This video does not disappoint. Sit back and relax. Enjoy watchin all you old favorite players. Charles Barkley is in the Suns Jersey. Shaq is slamming the rock down as an Orlando Magic.

The best part comes towards the end. Michael Jordan has fun with the announcers and the rosin. They have several run-ins. That starts around 2:20. My other favorite part comes when Dominique Wilkins gets completely ignored when he tries to get a handshake @ 3:30. I love this game. :-)

Also watch part 2 1995 NBA bloopers and part 3 of the 1995 NBA blooper series.

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  3. you might find it was Dominique Wilkins getting no love on the hand shake!

  4. Ii is fixed. I do not know what I was thinking. Thanks DJrod

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