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Charlie Weis Falling Glitch, EA Sports NCAA Football 2008

09.13.2008 · Posted in NCAA Football, Sports Videos

Charlie Weis Falling Glitch, EA Sports NCAA Football 2008. A lot of people look at the stars to tell the future. A lot of people study Nostradamus. Those people are fools. EA sports programmers, must have crystal ball. This video was uploaded to ye ole Youtube in December 2007. Weis just had a similar fall, check out the video.

I am not one to start rumors, but did this have anything to do with the Large Hadron Collider. I’m just saying is all.

7 Responses to “Charlie Weis Falling Glitch, EA Sports NCAA Football 2008”

  1. […] There is actually an EA sports NCAA Football 2008 glitch where Charlie Weis falls just like this. […]

  2. Wow, maybe that was reality hitting fat boy. He actually won a game… and or the ghost of Brady Quinn's horrible nfl career…oh and btw .. FIRST ***CHES

  3. I think the programmers just had a little too much time, but its cool that the fall looks almost just like the real one.

  4. That has nothing to do with Charlie Weis. I was playing NCAA Football 2007. I was playing against Middle Tennessee State. Their coach did the same thing except he kept falling on the field closer and closer to the action.

  5. It does not matter if other coaches can do it. I think it only matters that there is video of Weis falling in a video game.

  6. It's almost like the glitch where Vince Young can't get back onto the field after throwing an INT…

  7. Or the Madden ’09 glitch where you can see Chris Cooley’s junk.

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