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Jim Zorn To Steve Largent, Top Pass Combo, Video

09.22.2008 · Posted in NFL, Sports Videos

Jim Zorn To Steve Largent, Top Pass Combo, Video. The video comes from NFL films. Hall of Famer Steve Largent and Red Skins head Coach Jim Zorn were quite the pair. Let’s go over all the best things about this video.

  • Snoop Dog gives his approval
  • The did Milk Commercials! ” Show your stuff and drink milk. It has lots of calcium, protein, and Vitamins. “
  • They had an awesome night life ” They were at Ice Cream shop openings
  • They carpooled together in Zorn’s Bug.
  • He was perversely proud of his Volkswagen Bug.
  • He thought he was going fast, because it sounded like he was going fast. :-)

5 Responses to “Jim Zorn To Steve Largent, Top Pass Combo, Video”

  1. I also love the hair, for both of them. This video was classic! :-)

    Thanks for the comment.

  2. I can see why the ladies are “Horny for Zorny” with those pants and that car.

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