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Nominations for the 2008 Sports Blogscars

10.12.2008 · Posted in Other, Sports Videos

The Sports Blogscars go to the sports blogs that are best at displaying videos for their readers. They break news. They catch gaffs. They point out hilarity. They inform. They entertain. They do all that through the use of videos. Here are the full details of the rules. The Winners will be announced Friday Oct. 17th on this very blog. The winners will be announced hourly starting @ 9 am and starting with the Best NBA Video Blogger and moving down the list.

Your nominees are.

2008 Sports Blogscar Nominee NBAIn the category of Best NBA Video Blogger

2008 Sports Blogscar Nominee NFLIn the Category of Best NFL Video Blogger

2008 Sports Blogscar Nominee MLBIn The Category of Best MLB Video Blogger

2008 Sports Blogscar Nominee “Other Sports”In the Category of Best “Other Sports” Video Blogger. This was the hardest category. You have 2 hockey blogs and a college football blog going against 2 blogs that cover all sports very well.

2008 Sports Blogscar Nominee New BloggerIn the Category of Best New Sports Video Blogger. They have been blogging there for under one year.

2008 Sports Blogscar Nominee Self Made VideosIn the Category of Best Self Made Sports Video Blogger

2008 Sports Blogscar Nominee “Hard To Find”In the Category of Best “Hard to Find” Sports Video Blogger

2008 Sports Blogscar Nominee FunniestIn the Category of Funniest Sports Video Blogger

2008 Sports Blogscar Nominee Best Video BloggerIn the Category of Best Sports Video Blog of the year

The graphics for this contest were done by Gate 21 Graphics. I can not say enough about the quality of the graphics. They made this contest look professional. He has never let me down.

6 Responses to “Nominations for the 2008 Sports Blogscars”

  1. […] October 13th = the Nominations will be announced. There will be up to 5 candidates per award. vote for your favorites. Voting ends Midnight Thursday […]

  2. […] look at us with two nominations at this year’s Blogscars, which recognizes “sports blogs that are best at displaying videos for their readers”. […]

  3. I have a few problems with the Blogscars:

    1) Why no separate NHL and College categories?
    2) You have 20+yourself blogs and 9 categories, out of a possible 45 entrants (at 5/category). From those numbers, it looks like Awful Announcing is your favorite blog with 6 nominations, Ball don’t lie is second with 4, and then you’re in a tie for third with a few others.
    3) Why limit it to “Video Bloggers”? How many videos do you need to qualify as a “Video Blogger?”

    I like the idea otherwise, and it will certainly drive traffic to your site. If you need help with categories/etc next year, let me know, I’ll be glad to help.

    For example, where is the 2 man advantage? (not my site, I don’t know them, but in terms of producing interesting videos, they’re on top) Going five hole doesn’t focus on videos (but props to you for putting it on here – it’s a good blog). In fact, it seems like the hockey section is an afterthought, though you did manage to get two good blogs. It’s odd, though, that the only two that qualified are puck daddy and the other contributor to puck daddy.

  4. Great! This is the first question about the Blogscars.

    The only reason I did not have a separate category for NHL is because I thought Puck Daddy would win by a long shot. I might be wrong there. I do not know.

    The same thing with “Every Day Should Be Saturday”. They should win College football very handily.

    So I put them together. The other blogs in that category cover all sports very well. I just could not go into every sport. I am sure there are some MMA blogs that wanted a shot.

    Every blogger had a time to nominate another blogger last week. You can send me an email, or nominate someone next year.

    About Awful Announcing being my favorite blog, it might be, but the reason it is on so many categories is because he creates great videos for many sports. He creates the videos. He does not find them on Youtube. That blog is the authority on sports videos right now.

    The blogs above are the best at concentrating on videos. That is why I chose the name blogscars. It sounds like Oscars.

    I chose my own blog for “funny”, “new”, and “hard to find”. Those are hardly the top awards, and I will most likely lose those competitions, because of the stiff quality of the other blogs.

    Out of the blogs listed above, I am the only blog that concentrates almost 100% on videos. Awful Announcing is next, Extra Mustard is next. You can trust me that these are the best, or you can send me an email for next year. I might have a hockey award next year. Who knows?

    Thanks for the comment.

  5. […] Sean Leahy has been nominated for a “Blogscar” in the “Best ‘Other Sports” category for his exceptional work over at Going Five Hole. You can either head over to Going Five Hole for a little more information or just go right ahead and vote. […]

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