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Michael Jordan Amazing Golf Chip Shot, Video

10.14.2008 · Posted in Golf, NBA, Sports Videos

Michael Jordan Amazing Golf Chip Shot, Video. MJ is the best basketball player ever. He “played” minor league baseball. He can also sink the occasional chip shot. You know when Michael Jordan hits those shots he is thinking about joining the tour. :-)

Let’s also talk about the clothing. He is wearing the Les Miles hat. He is wearing a polo and it looks like basketball shorts that Nike told him were golfing shorts. He is in Nike from head to toe, and is that a Tiger Woods fist pump?

8 Responses to “Michael Jordan Amazing Golf Chip Shot, Video”

  1. wow…what an amazing direct shot…really g8 😉

  2. Tiger Woods fist pump? Please, MJ was doing that in the 90’s after making so many game winning shots that doing a reaction like he did against the Cavs in the late 80’s would have been over doing it.

  3. It was a joke. I know that MJ came before Tiger, and this video came before Tiger.

    Thanks for the comment!

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  5. Sweet shorts, Mike!

  6. He is not “in nike from head to toe” .. thats a maxfli hat.

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