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Kevin Garnett and Jose Calderon Talking Trash 11-10-08, Video

11.10.2008 · Posted in NBA, Sports Videos

Kevin Garnett and Jose Calderon Talking Trash 11-10-08, Video. They were talking some serious trash. KG pulls a little Mutombo finger wag and does not get the whistle. The Raptors sink a shot and Calderon gets in the Big Tickets grill.

I guess “Anything really is Possible“! :-)

19 Responses to “Kevin Garnett and Jose Calderon Talking Trash 11-10-08, Video”

  1. what a KG’s stupidity !!! Calde was elegant and sportive he first plays for the tem and them, “talk” to him.

  2. go calderon!
    garnett stupid!
    spain rules

  3. I disagree with the announcers that KG should have gotten a technical for taunting. I think trash talking has its place in the game, and makes it that much more entertaining.

  4. mr catering says:

    si señor calderon, callando a este subidito del KG

  5. […] visiting! But hey, as long as it helps your team continue a game-winning comeback, whatever works. As pointed out by Ethan, Kevin Garnett, while being an all-world defender last night, decided he’d share some of his […]

  6. Garnet vete a xuparlaaa!!! Calderon el puto amo!

    Garnet is still trying to steal the ball to Calderon jajaja

  7. coop a loop says:

    Dunno man loosing respect for garnett

  8. aupa calderon!!! kg, it`s not good for you trash talking to spanish… remember gasol and his dunk on your face… one, two, three oleeee!!!! rudy next

  9. Calderon stop crying!!!

  10. KG stop taunting!!!

  11. are you kidding me with some of these comments? losing respect for kg and ‘omg stop taunting’. go watch high school basketball and stop being babies. XXXXX XXXXX these guys get paid millions of dollars to play a game, if they can’t handle finger wagging maybe they should take up volley ball.

  12. Mire Usted says:

    Go Calde, I´m fed up of this XXXXing players like KG. Garnett is a clown and the whole world knows it. Already we will see that happens with Marc Gasol.
    Ya vereis como va a buscar a Marc para picarle, es así de simple este menda.

  13. Pointing your finger in a player’s face DESERVES a technical. Nobody said he shouldn’t trash talk. That is something else.

  14. its all part of the game people…and what does it matter if hes spanish english or japanese? its an opponent who KG doesnt like and still may meet in the playoffs…so everyone who thinks this is wrong can quit your cryin and all u spanish people can stop bringing nationality into this…it DOESNT MATTER AND NO ONE CARES!!!!

  15. I don’t respect a player who doesn’t respect the others players and KG is one of them.

  16. what the fffffffff….r u serious….KG is one of the best players in the game…what because he got dunked on once by gasol u guys are talkin…oh yeah what about the finals…he made gasol look like a rookie..yeah thats right.. and calderon is a grown man he aint a female…soo what ever learn basketball.its a mans sports…females!!

  17. wow KGFAN yur a really piece of #### arent yu?

    Kevin Garnett ####ing needs to grow the #### up just like yu do. Jose Calderon is awsome, and Kevin Garnett needs to do something about his cockiness.

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