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Obama Playing Basketball on Election Day, Video

11.10.2008 · Posted in NBA

Obama Playing Basketball on Election Day, Video. OK, by now we have all heard that Barack Obama was playing basketball on Election day, but did you know he was straight ballin. Look at that behind the back dribble. In this video, he is playing against his high school basketball buddies and some close political friends. They were playing some hard core YMCA style basketball.

You might be asking yourself what the jerseys say. The names of the teams Jerseys were “This One” and “That One“. How long would you hold on to that election day memorabilia? :-)

4 Responses to “Obama Playing Basketball on Election Day, Video”

  1. Ethan:

    I heard about this but hadn’t seen it yet. Thank you for posting!

  2. Mike Brookins says:

    Where can I purchase that reversible basketball jersey (This one/That one)?

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  4. Thanks Carolyn.

    Mike, I think they just made the jerseys for this special game.

    Thanks for the comments guys!

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