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CEO John Rogers Beat Michael Jordan, Video

11.13.2008 · Posted in NBA

This is Michael Jordan’s worst nightmare. Ariel Investments, head honcho, CEO and Chairman John Rogers barely beats Michael Jordan at his basketball camp “Flight School”. August 18, 2003. This video is courtesy of John Rogers. ( of course)

I love that Damon Wayans is there to rib MJ. :-)

15 Responses to “CEO John Rogers Beat Michael Jordan, Video”

  1. What type of old men’s rules are they? Check the ball after each shot… it’s like a chess match!

    Great find, E. Loved it!

    — Mookie

  2. Old men’s rules? You are a funny cat Mookie :-)

  3. hahha i love how when the dude wins, all his boys are going nuts on the bench. id be the same way.

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  6. ok not that this will be read to many comment already.but this was no real one on one looked alot like me and my son when he was ten i didn’t try but did try to make my son fill good about himself .there was no rebounding at all,if MJ missed the ceo dude got the ball and so on. and has for these no nothing that think kode is better than MJ was when he was kobe’s age,your out of your minds.yes kobe is good real good.but look at the stats all the stats,this incudes the stats of the players they both played against.and you will see that MJ played against much tuffer D ,than kobe has.the NBA is all about the offense now it puts people in the seats.face it what do you want to see a good steal or block or do you realy want to see dunks from the freethrow line. & damon is funny as he!!

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  8. YouSayGoodbyeIsayHello says:

    Actually, the score in a real game would have been 6 – 6. Michael hit two threes, giving him 6 points, John got 3 lay-ups, totaling him 6 points. I guess they weren’t playing with threes though.

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  13. heath and mookie: Just so you know, the pros and college players drill themselves with this type of 1 on 1, called "Kings of the court." Anytime a shot is missed, it's the opponents ball. Winners take out if shot is made, and that's why there is no rebounding going on…Also, the players usually are allowed only 3 dribbles (to train themselves to be able to create a shot if the shot clock is winding down)….

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