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Huge Basketball Fight in Russia, Afterwards they play 3 on 3, Video

11.13.2008 · Posted in NBA, Sports Videos

Basketball Fight in Russia, Video, Much Different than NBA. Yes, they are much different. This video is from Russia Today, 10-31-08.  The players from Lokomotiv Rostov and Spartak St. Petersburg both got in a little brawl. 16 players were removed from the game. After the refs were done booting guys out of the game, it was a 3 on 3 game. WOW! The player that started it all was X Arizona Wildcat Joseph Blair, ans he was not even ejected.

How was this different than an NBA fight.

  1. Someone was actually hurt. You can not see it connect, because of  the camera angle, but you can see his arm move over. That is a right cross on the side of his head. #50 Blair rocks that guys house @ 6 seconds into the vid. You can see it perfectly in the second video
  2. Blair is bouncing around like a boxer after a bout. He wants more. He is not looking for players to “hold him back”, like so many NBA players are cordial enough to do.
  3. As the injured player leaves the court his “Trainer” throws stuff into the audience, and then it looks like he does the Russian equivalent to a bird flip at the audience members. He does it several times. Oddly enough, that is not even mentioned by the reporter.
  4. Then, last but not least, the next story on the docket is Chess. I think the last time Chess was on ESPN, Fischer was yelling antisemitic comments @ Jeremy Schapp.

Here is the vid. The second video is the extended live version, but you do not see the bird flipping.


4 Responses to “Huge Basketball Fight in Russia, Afterwards they play 3 on 3, Video”

  1. Basketball Fight in Russia is the name of my new band.

  2. “Do Your homework Hoss” :-)

  3. It’s clearly 4-on-4 (not 3-on-3)… just watch the end of the second video.

  4. After the second video, it is reduced to 3 on 3. The reporter said so. News clippings of the game say so.

    I was not there, but I trust them.

    Thanks a ton for the comment though. I guess I did not make that clear.

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