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Donovan McNabb playing basketball at Syracuse, Video

11.19.2008 · Posted in NBA, NFL, Sports Videos

Donovan Mcnabb playing basketball at Syracuse, Video. D. McNabb may not know all of the rules of the sports he plays, but maybe that is because he is a 2 sports player. This is video of McNabb playing basketball @ Syracuse where he was a 2 sport star. The second video is him acting silly @ Hank Baskett’s charity game last summer. Look at the subtle differences in his playing weight. :-)

McNabb was so out of shape last summer. He looked like any fat guy at the Y. He did not look like a professional athlete at all, but in the first video he is balling.

5 Responses to “Donovan McNabb playing basketball at Syracuse, Video”

  1. Quite an athlete, and a dufus.

  2. His recent goof was a biggun. You are right about that.


  4. he is not “straight fat now” nor does he look like the average fat guy at the Y. He looks heavy, obviously he lets himself go in the summer, but he still is built and super strong

  5. Its all that chunky soup.

    **** you mama mcnabb.

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