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12 Responses to “Jim Boeheim hates MICS! Video”

  1. Btw this presser was not after the Clev St game… was after the Long Beach St gm which was the gm before

  2. Instant classic, and dare I say likely #1 on SPorts Blog bucks next week!

  3. Bad reporting… the mic hit is from the game on December 13, against Long Beach State that Syracuse won… get your facts straight.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Zoner = I try not to put my own stuff on there, but this is a classic.

    Amy = Listen to what he says. He says " I have not seen much film on Cleveland State". This vid was from last night.

  5. Classic Boeheim reaction..and how has this years cuse pre-conference schedule considered "cupcake"? Kansas, Florida, Virginia, Memphis all before the new year.

  6. PWNED by the sound guy

  7. I can’t say I feel sorry for him or Syracuse…they continually play cupcake schedules in the non-conference

    glad to see them get bit by a hungry team

  8. Hey idiot….. go look at their non conference sched in Nov and Dec this yr before u open your mouth……..Florida…on the road….Kansas….on the road….Memphis on the road……

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  11. exactly, cupcake teams.

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