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NFL Playoffs Wild Card Week, Picks, Predictions

12.30.2008 · Posted in NFL

NFL Playoffs Wild Card Week, Picks, Predictions.

1/3   Atlanta at Arizona   This is a tricky game.  Both offenses are worthy of bunches of points in any given quarter.  Only because Atlanta plays in a much tougher division am I picking them to win.  Arizona has given up more points than a WAC school the last few weeks.  Matt Ryan leads the Falcons to victory in the desert.

1/3  Indianapolis at San Diego    It’s a real shame that these two teams have to play in the first round.  Nobody else in the AFC is as hot as either team right now.  I think Indianapolis will stay just a little hotter in a nail biter.  If Tomlinson was 100%, I would really need to reevaluate everything.  But when you are trying to send a punt returner between the tackles as the Chargers do with Darren Sproles, you lose the running game.  Indy in a tight one.

1/4  Baltimore @ Miami  Do you think Ray Lewis remembers facing anything like the Wildcat offense from his college or even high school days?  Any good linebacker knows that the guard takes you to the ball.  Nice season Miami, it ends Sunday as I see Baltimore pitching a tent in the Miami backfield and blowing out the fish.

1/4  Philadelphia @ Minnesota    Andy Reid probably saved his job by making the playoffs.  It wasn’t so many weeks ago when he was benching Donovan McNabb and being booed.  This game will be dictated by turnovers.  Adrian Peterson has been coughing it up frequently, I will predict he loses two more this week and allows Philly to win in Minnesota.

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  1. I like your take on the Baltimore vs Miami game. You must have some experience in playing or coaching to make that call.

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