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Michael Jordan, 1983, 1st Acting Job, Video

01.07.2009 · Posted in NBA, NESW Sports Original Productions

Michael Jordan, 1983, 1st Acting Job, Video. Michael Jordan is the best athlete to ever live. That is what I believe, and some people share my sentiment. MJ is also the best global marketing figure the world has ever seen. I think there will be few that do not embrace that statement. This video is different.

As far as I know, this is the 1st acting job Michael ever landed. It is a video that some North Carolina medical students did to raise awareness of Heart Disease. I just shortened the vid, so you can see MJ in all his 1983 greatness. By that I mean, his North Carolina accent is palpable. “Eat the right Foood” :-) . Maybe this is the video that he sent to Nike to land that shoe deal. Look at all of his energy.

By the way, I am only poking fun of his voice and “Energy”, because it is 180 degrees from what we have seen from him for the last 26 years. Remember, “Please Don’t Smuck” .

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  1. Absolutely hilarious when the leprechaun doctor comes on at the end. With a black background like that he looks pure evil.

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