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Barkley, Magic, Dr J, D Wade, Old School, My Faves Commercial

01.12.2009 · Posted in NBA, Sports Videos

Barkley, Magic, Dr J, D Wade, Old School, My Faves Commercial. I think this might be my favorite “My Faves” T-Mobile commercials. Dr J, Magic Johnson, and Charles Barkley are featured in a new video game called “Old School“. You get to play the old school players when they’re old. :-)

Dr J looks like he could still get out there and play, but the skin tight leotard is not too flattering for Chucky and Magic. Speaking of the Chuckster, with all of his recent problems, do you think this is the last T-Mobile commercial he will ever do? It is possible.

119 Responses to “Barkley, Magic, Dr J, D Wade, Old School, My Faves Commercial”

  1. The old guy is Jerry Colangelo

  2. old school says:

    bachelor party II came out in 2008…try again…why would there be another bachelor party II in less than a year….Stan who??? he would love the attention if he is an actor,as you can see there are all kinds of people interested, it would get him more gigs…personally, I don't believe you..frank layden is my choice

  3. sccforward says:

    Not Wooden, that’s not his voice.

  4. Ms. Phil Jackson says:

    It is my husband. No doubt!

  5. i think its havlicek

  6. It's Sonny Smith, Barkley's old coach from Auburn

  7. I think it's Phil Jackson—how can we find out?

  8. looks kinda like Obama's deceased grandpa

  9. I think you are right- The great Bob Cousy !

  10. Like that guy said, its a paid actor. The voice is too pronounced and distinct to be otherwise. They probably assumed noone would check on it but they have. Not sure if its Jason Stanford White or not. He was the only "stan" listed in the credits. IMDB doesn't have a picture on him. Also, yes there are 2 Bachelor Party 2 movies and both were in 2008. If it was an NBA player I wouldve guess Dick McGuire though, but it's not.

  11. Ya’ll are so lame….It has to be the great Bob Cousy- He is the only one that offers that much confidence & game !

  12. snaxalotl says:

    stan cohen

  13. snaxalotl says:

    and yes, they SHOULD have used an old basketball guy

  14. His name is Stan Cortel, an actor from Ft. Lauderdale Florida (researched

  15. Arbytadb says:

    The man is Dave Cowens

  16. Jay Crawford says:

    I want to know who the guy is in the walker,

  17. KALELALANE says:

    Hi there sports fan’s , although i’m not sure what sport your a fan of; does’nt appear to be NBA basketball… not Bob Cousy , not Phil Jackson , not Dave Cowens , surprise raw deal or no , yes it’s true it’s your friend and mine, a briallant actor from FLA. ” Stan Cortel ” until we meet again sports fans…

  18. Megan Fox. Definitely.

  19. Yes it is Stan Cohen aka Stan Cortel..Didn’t I tell you all that on May 11th!!

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