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Skip Bayless said “Tebow is the next Favre”, Video

01.16.2009 · Posted in NCAA Football, NFL, Sports Videos

Skip Bayless said “Tebow is the next Favre”, Video. Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith argue on ESPN’s show 1st and 10. That is what they get payed to do. One of them says something absurd/stupid and the other one goes crazy. Yesterday morning was no different. They were arguing over who would be the best pro QB. Would it be Tebow, McCoy, or Bradford? Stephen A. went with Bradford. He always goes with the popular pick until it comes to a team or sport that he actually knows about. Skip Bayless went with Tim Tebow.

Stephen A. started to argue with him and even said that Tebow would make a nice tight end. Skip went crazy and blurted out that Tebow is the next Favre. Even the staunchest Stephen A. Smith hater can agree that this comparison was a little early, and that Mr. Smith acted accordingly. Skippy tried to back the train up, but we all know that he meant it. 

10 Responses to “Skip Bayless said “Tebow is the next Favre”, Video”

  1. Skip Bayless is the biggest waste of life on the planet. We’d all be better off if he walked into some oncoming traffic.

  2. Thanks for the comment. People are usually screaming that about Stephen A, but the tables have turned for the moment :-)

  3. Well yeah Screamin A isn’t much better… Skip just drives me nuts. I know he doesn’t believe half the things he says either, he’s just trying to be that guy everybody hates.

  4. They are both playing the same game. If you are loud and annoying, people will listen. If people will listen, ESPN will hire you.

    ESPN does not care if you are qualified.

  5. […] There’s nothing (NOTHING, I say) that’s supposed to be funny about a “1st and 10 segment” featuring Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith. Watching that pop up on your television screen is just about as terrifying as watching the Hudson River pop up on your airplane window. (It can’t be too soon; no one died.) But somehow, Stephen A. — who continues to endear himself to the blogosphere — makes this incredibly loud segment incredibly enjoyable as he mocks Bayless for saying that Tim Tebow will be the next Brett Favre. […]

  6. Makes you wonder why the “pros” haven’t figured out why blogs have become so popular.

    If Tebow is the next Favre, I’m the next Deadspin.

  7. […] Skip Bayless Says Tebow Is The Next Brett Favre¬† (NESW Sports) […]

  8. Absolutely that’s why ESPN will keep putting them on tv. Idiots like me are curious what stupid things they’ll say next so we tune in.

  9. That’s funny, I said the same thing as Bayless the day after the National Championship Game.

    Of course, I may have meant it a little differently…

  10. Two negatives equals a positive. They both absolutely suck and I can’t believe ESPN allows them on the air during the day.

    At least they replaced the “Stephen A. Smith Show” with “The Scott Van Pelt Show” on weekday afternoons on ESPN Radio. Van Pizzle is the man – Stephen A. and Bayless deserve one another, the suckjobs…

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