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Mike Adamle, 10 Meter belly flop at 2000 Olympics, Video

01.23.2009 · Posted in Olympics, Sports Videos

Mike AdamleMike Adamle, 10 Meter belly flop at 2000 Olympics, Video. Who is Mike Adamle? He was a running back in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs, the New York Jets, and the Chicago Bears from 1971-77. You most likely know him from being an announcer on one of the coolest shows ever “American Gladiators“. He was the short one. He is also well known for his WWE/WWF announcing.

During the 2000 Olympics, NBC got together every commentator and sent them to Sydney for the games. This included Mike Adamle. In the video you see that Ahmad Rashad chickened out on a simple 10 meter dive when asked to do one by, Gold Medalist diver, Laura Wilkinson.

I can understand that completely. What I can not understand is the bravado of one Mike Adamle.  He not only bragged to Ahmad that he could do it, but went up there in a speedo on to attempt a backwards dive. Not just a jump, but a dive. He claimed that if you stare at a light on the ceiling, that you can just lean back and do a perfect dive. What was Mike thinking? He had a black eye for a week. :-)

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