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Tulane Mascot, Sammy The Owl, was ejected, Video

01.31.2009 · Posted in NCAA Basketball

Tulane Mascot, Sammy The Owl, was ejected, Video. The fact that Sammy The Owl was ejected from the Rice game really makes me laugh. You are a thirty year-old father to a son who is five years old. As a father you are torn because you are a big fan of Rice basketball but you want to do stuff with your son. Sammy The Owl is supposed to be that link for the thirty year-old father. Sammy is probably the one person that five year-olds are paying attention to at Rice games.

This is unheard of. Can they throw Mickey Mouse out of Disneyland? Watching this footage a couple of times, I didn’t see Sammy make any vulgar gestures and it would be hard to hear a comment through the layers of fabric. At least Sammy reacts like a player of today’s day and age would, by throwing his wings up to the side in a curious manner as if to dispute his ejection.

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