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The Quest for G, Garnett, Jeter, Usain, Jordan, Kareem

02.04.2009 · Posted in MLB, NBA, Sports Videos

The Quest for G, Garnett, Jeter, Usain Jordan, Kareem. This is too awesome for words. I thought that the last vid was the whole thing, but I was wrong. This is the complete version full of cameos.
1. Garnett the Glorious
2. Jeter the Gifted
3. Jimmie Johnson the other Gifted
4. Sir bolt the Gutsy
5. Sir bolts pet “Ego”
6. Misty and Keri the 3 legged and 2 headed knight.
7. Alicia the girl that made horse trotting noises.

Kareem played Cap.
Best line “Your Mother was a polar bear and your father was a figure skater”.
Listen for the Michael Jordan cameo at the end. “Glorious”

16 Responses to “The Quest for G, Garnett, Jeter, Usain, Jordan, Kareem”

  1. I want the last 10 minutes of my life back

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  3. you're so right sean… not really funny, not really cool. the only kinda funny part was the frenchies… stolen right out of the original…

  4. […] in your pants when you realize it’s a Holy Grail spoof (go here for Holy Grail videos).  It’s like a mini-movie… but well worth it.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Usain Bolt, Bolt’s ego (really), Keri Walsh […]

  5. I loved it. Especially KG saying "This m'####a knows my name!" LMAO

  6. ####in haterz. That was one of the best commercials this year.

  7. Mentone-Girl says:

    I loved it!! It was funny! It was nice to see some people outside of their “job” and know that they have a sense of humor. It was like seeing them at a happy hour >;-)

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  9. IrishDuffy says:

    How could they not make a “knights who say G” joke in this?

  10. Who are the two guys on top of the castle?

  11. Har Har Har!

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  13. I loved it, found it to be the most awesome commercial ever. Of course, I'm a huge Monty Python and NASCAR fan.. not a common combo. I went right out and bought a Powerade. (i wonder if anyone will get that)

  14. It WAS funny esp. “#&*$$@! knows my name!!

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  16. […] on his site… as well as other sports viral videos (that’s where I first saw “the Quest for G“). To top it all off, Ethan’s a great guy, too… and will publicize your blog if […]

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