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Vintage NBA Trash Talking, Video

03.04.2009 · Posted in NBA, Sports Videos

Vintage NBA Trash Talking, Video. If you do not like this video, you should not consider yourself a basketball fan. This is full of so many NBA stars and fan favorites. My favorite points are that Reggie Miller is known for trash talking, but everything he says in the video is lame. John Salley and Charles Barkley were and always will be be funny. Vinny Del Negro’s line was pretty good as well.
Guys never really talk trash to me, because they know I have an Italian temper and if they do I just tell them they haven’t met my uncle Tony

Does anyone buy that Michael Jordan never talked trash? I don’t buy it for a second!

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  1. This is probably my fav out of all the vids you've ever posted. I love it!!!

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