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Nick Swisher interview, The Yankees Kevin Millar

03.24.2009 · Posted in MLB

Nick Swisher interview, The Yankees Kevin Millar. ATTENTION: The Yankees have a likable player. Who would have thunk it? As you you hear in the interview Nick Swisher has livened up the stuffy clubhouse which needed some levity with all the A-Rod and WBC nonsense swarming around.

He lets us all in on a little Yankee Lingo. After a Home Run he will shout “DID YOU?!”, and if someone hits a foul ball they will yell “2 Minutes”. You know 2 minutes for hooking, and you have to go to the penalty box. All of that is better than what existed before he got there. I think the Yankee Lingo vocabulary was limited to “A Fraud”. Not exactly clubhouse warming material.

So after hearing this interview, and knowing a little about his background, do you think he could be the Yankees answer for the Red Sox Kevin Millar, who dubbed the 2004 World Champions “A Bunch of Idiots“? Can he be that missing piece that sets the team at ease and also adds energy in the same instance? I hope not, but it is interesting.

3 Responses to “Nick Swisher interview, The Yankees Kevin Millar”

  1. That's great, and your comparison of Millar to Swisher is very good. Swisher's the kind of personality they've lacked I think. I'd love to get a beer with him.

  2. This is what the Yankees have been missing the past few years. They need guys who are proud to be there for reasons other than getting a massive paycheck.

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