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Cheryl Miller vs Scot Pollard, NBA TV, Video

04.06.2009 · Posted in NBA, Sports Videos

Cheryl Miller vs Scot Pollard, NBA TV, Video. This is everything you want in an on-air TV personality spat. Pollard had “Mechanical Problems”, and missed the pregame and halftime with Cheryl Miller. Pollard shows up for the post-game. He starts bragging about his championship ring, and his vacation in Cabo. Cheryl Miller is genuinely upset. When she hears that TNT is OK with him trying to make the flight on the day of the broadcast, she loses it on TNT.

Somehow it ends with Scot Pollard talking serious smack to Cheryl Miller, and challenging her to a game of 1 on 1. This is so beautifully awkward, and I’m sure this will not be the end of this.

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  1. Yes, Seriously GBarbs. She is a HOF'er and he needs to respect her a tiny bit. That is where I was going with that.

    In the world of basketball Cheryl Miller is known throughout, but Pollard is a garbage time moron.

    Also Reggie said she beat him on the regular, and she once scored 105 in a game.

    Wikipedia baby!

  2. Cheryl would not only beat Pollard at hoops, I'd take her in a cage fight against him too!

  3. Yeah I was watching this live, couldn't believe it. Hilarious stuff.

  4. Cheryl is so F'in Annoying! can't stand her!!

  5. wow

    this is hilarious

  6. Thanks. I can not believe it really went down like this. When he asks her if she needs a cane, you have to laugh. That was so lame.

    She is a Hall of Famer, and he contributed less to that championship than Scalabrine did.

  7. Seriously, Ethan? You’re going with Cheryl is a HOFer and Pollard didn’t contribute much? If Pollard were playing against Cheryl’s competition he’d go from bench scrub to the most dominant player ever! I could make the HOF of my local Y-league. It doesn’t make it impressive or mean that I’m special because I played well in a crappy league!

  8. Wow, Scot better ask Reggie…

  9. wilford brimley says:

    Cheryl consistently beat Reggie 1-on-1. She could have played in the NBA easy. Scot Pollard is a ###ch. He has no talent, no skill, no effort. He was just a guy who happened to be tall. He was a benchwarmer in the NBA, he wouldn't do any better in the WNBA. In terms of basketball talent, Cheryl wins easy.

    However, Pollard is a funny guy (DO DRUGS KIDS!). He's like the #####ebag who occasionally makes a funny joke

  10. Rhymeister says:

    I don't get why Miller is taking it so personal. She brags up the fact that she has to work on Weds, so? If she don't want the job I'm sure there are thousands that would. What an egomaniac!

    I always appreciated her talent on the floor, because the lady could ball. But you can't take that same attitude of being BWOC er BWintheWNBA and thinks it works w/ egomaniacal NBA players and to me Pollard seems the exact opposite, he's pretty cool, calm and collected until Miller doesn't ease up on the ragging.

    I thought it was very unprofessional of Cheryl to go off like that!

  11. Pollard wasn't that bad. When he was in Sacramento, he was the best backup center in the league. He helped teams.

  12. wow cheryl miller just comes off looking like an ugly b*tch. who cares if she was a good bball player, Pollard would destroy her and she's obviously way too full of herself. I'd love to see Pollard dunk on her fat ass to bring her down a peg or two

  13. haha, stick it to her Pollard! My rec league team could take down Cheryl Miller, none the less Pollard. Geez, wnba what a joke

  14. janus09 says:

    "She could have played in the NBA easy. "

    "He was a benchwarmer in the NBA, he wouldn’t do any better in the WNBA."


    I'm sorry, please stop. You're an idiot.

  15. Geez!

    Pollard is a joker ALL the time.. Cheryl was pissed @ TNT and apparently lost her sense of humor..

    Pollard, Funny!
    Cheryl, not so much.. Dishes it but can’t take it

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  19. cheryl miller has always wanted to be a man, what a joke she is. pollard is hilarious, but a terrible ball player

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  21. Are you guys kidding me? Pollard comes of as an ###hole with his ring and his ‘cane’ comment. Dude always seemed like a dumb### during his playing days, now he’s proving it after they’re over.

  22. Cheryl Miller is the Michael Jordan of women basketball players. Scott Pollard was a fair back-up center for the Kings when they went toe-to-toe with the Lakers during the days of the Kings’ excellence. Scott Pollard is a nobody.

  23. I am a Celtics fan and I have never even heard of Scott Pollard…..

    But I have heard of Cheryl Miller so she wins this debate.

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  25. Cheryl Miller shoudn't be on TV IMO! Shez pissed off? She pisses me off everytime she showz up as an analyst!!

  26. Are you guys serious? You really don't think Pollard would dominate the WNBA? The WNBA is a huge joke. Sure, you get the occassional Candance Parker but as a whole…the WNBA is terrible and only survives each horrendous year because they mooch off the mass earnings of the NBA.

  27. Cheryl Miller shouldn’t be commenting on NBA, not because she’s a woman but because she’s an IDIOT…

    She’s the Tony Kornheiser of NBA TV, no wait, at least that guy makes me laugh once in a while. I didn’t see ANY rings on her finger, is she playing for the other team?

  28. kwheels says:

    this is great.pollard is funny,but cheryl destroys him.i cant believe they actually put this on t.v.

  29. From a brilliant commenter: “Cheryl consistently beat Reggie 1-on-1. She could have played in the NBA easy.” from wikipedia (which she pointed us to) “According to Reggie, they quit playing when he was finally able to block Cheryl’s shot.”

    Cheryl was a year older and of a gender that matures faster. Reggie caught up and it was no longer worthwile to even play the game. Thats why the genders are mixed in early level sports and segregated later.

    Cheryl WAS the Jordan of female basketball. Pollard was a career backup. Gender ignored Pollard at his peak was a better ballplayer than she was. Gender considered, she was superior in comparison to her peers than he was to his. If Cheryl Miller was even close to being able to play in the NBA, she would have. The NBA is about money. The publicity of a Wie or Danica makes it clear that if even close a team would try to make it possible.

    Basketball not considered, it was unprofessional the way she acted.

    If that is not fair, take it up with God.

  30. Everyone knows Pollard is making a total fool of himself, the only person who doesn’t seem to be aware of that is Pollard himself… We all know Cheryl, bad knees and all would totally annihilate Pollard… C’mon now Pollard show some respect for basketball royalty.

  31. Ihatecherylmiller says:

    One is a womens basketball player from 30 years ago, the other was the 12th man on a championship team. Neither one should be bragging about anything, but to be honest nobody but women give a crap about womens basketball.

  32. Scab's read that, and he thanks you.

  33. Reggier Choke Artist says:

    “BALLERS AROUND THE WORLD!”, lol, is this woman serious?

    This is exactly why I don’t watch NBA TV, lol.

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  35. What is that garbage about ballers around the world? She played in the WNBA – the equivelent of Men’s Varsity High School Basketball. The fact that WNBA even exists is solely due to the fact that the NBA has bailed them out time and time again. The only reason the womens basketball in general even gets televised is due the the fact that ESPN bought the contractual rights to televise the NCAAW Tournament. ESPN is the biggest self promoter in the world. They make something like dominos on television a big deal – WHO CARES. Actually, now that I think about it, I would be willing to be more people watched dominos than watch the WNBA. I wouldn’t attend a single game if someone gave me tickets and told me I would earn $40 an hour while I sat there. Scott Pollard played in the NBA – granted he was terrible – but I would rather watch a game filled with 10 Scott Pollard over 10 Cheryl Millers any day. Bottom line, Cheryl Miller – you are a nobody. Everyone knows you as Reggie Millers sister – you played women’s basketball – no one cares. You don’t wear your “hardware” because the WNBA gives out necklaces.

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