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NESW Sports Headlines 4-30-2009

04.30.2009 · Posted in Other

Hello, I’m Ethan Jaynes, and you’re not. Here are today’s Headlines. If you have any suggestions/tips/requests email me @ . Thanks.

Today’s moment of bliss comes from PWNED video. This mugger gets choked by the mugged.

2 Responses to “NESW Sports Headlines 4-30-2009”

  1. That PWNed Video is classic! Good to see someone getting what they deserve!

  2. Nathan says:

    I love this video, I like seeing the underdog win. I just wish the mugger's friend would not have come. I would have taken the mugger's wallet, pants, shoes, everything. maybe even rough him up a little while he was out just to show that you can do crap like that

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