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Shaq MMA Training, Video

05.11.2009 · Posted in MMA and Boxing, NBA, Sports Videos

Shaq MMA Training, Video. This is sureal. It is like we are watching Shaq-fu in real time. This video was taken from The 6 Levels. That is the website of the people that have been training Shaq for the past ten years. Last week they were on ESPN saying that Shaq might even fight Chuck Liddell. I logged on to their site today and found this video and this statement from Shaq himself.

“I am committed to fulfilling my moral and contractual obligations to the Phoenix Suns. For the upcoming season, this means conditioning and training, including MMA training with Jon Burke and the6Levels. This also means I will not be doing any MMA-type fighting. I am committed to the success of the Suns and our upcoming season. Please look back here soon for more pictures of my MMA training sessions as I get ready for the season.”

So it looks like his agent and the Suns found out about the bout, and there will be no Shaq vs Chuck. At least we get to look at another video of Shaq dancing @ the 50 second marker.

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