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The Interweb: Star Wars Bathroom and Charlie Steiner’s Sweet Science

05.26.2009 · Posted in MMA and Boxing, NBA, Sports Videos

Hello this is the first installment of “The Interweb“. Leave a comment telling me what you think. Tell everyone you know about this. Please send tips of cool stuff you see, and come back every Tuesday and Thursday.




Video of the Day
Charlie Steiner in the “Sweet Science”

7 Responses to “The Interweb: Star Wars Bathroom and Charlie Steiner’s Sweet Science”

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  3. Hillbert says:

    Great sports-humor roundup! Will be looking forward to the next installment..that crazy Rodman ūüėČ

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  5. Thanks Hilbert. I think this was a good first taste of “The Interweb”, but yesterday was slow sports day.

    This should continue to improve.

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