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Ron Artest Pays Homage to Drug Dealers, Video

05.28.2009 · Posted in NBA, Sports Videos

Ron Artest Pays Homage to Drug Dealers, Video. You can say I am getting on my soapbox if you want to, but I think Ron Artest’s comments are completely idiotic.

Let me count the ways

  1. Chris Webber was making fun of you because what you said, about some random kid being better then the best basketball players in the world, was moronic.  Your friend had your number when you were kids. It happens all the time, but that does not make them better then Charles Barkley etc…
  2. Chris Webber was using the “Hood” tone of voice because you were shouting out to your Homies on TNT. It was about as “Hood” as you can get.
  3. Charles Barkley discredited your friend because your statement did not warrant him thinking he was in the NBA Hall of Fame. The fact that your friend was in jail did not impress Charles Barkley, who most likely was raised to think that going to jail was a bad thing.
  4. Finally, Ron Artest, you were close to ending this message without saying something stupid, but you failed. Do you realize in your attempt to “stay true to the streets”, you said you pay homage to the drug dealers and everything that keeps kids on the street?

Ron Artest gained a lot of respect during this years NBA playoffs. He was the motor behind the Rockets huge runs and impressive play. He also seemed under control. That was a big change. But then he has to keep it real for some reason. He has to go out of his way and let everyone know that the street life is a downward spiral that will never change and he loves it that way.

Edit- Since posting this, I have had some conversations with people. It is also linked to by ESPN’s TrueHoop with the anchor text of “somebody getting mad at him for it“. I take nothing back. I still stand behind what I wrote. I do not mind Artest standing up for being called out on TNT. I just think that idolizing street life on one hand and talking about the struggles on the other hand makes no sense. If you hate the struggles, then do what so many NBA players are doing, which is not idolizing drug dealers and street life, but working with Big Brothers Little Sisters, Habitat for Humanity, NBA Cares, and many others.

Now, I do not know if Ron Artest does those things. I hope he does. All I said was that saying that you pay homage to drug dealers and the street way of life is wrong. Charles Barkley said that basketball players should not be role models. I think if they are going to make irresponsible comments on their vlog, they need to be called out for it. I hope some kid does not think that is the only way Ron Artest will respect him.

Some people might say he was paying homage to the strugles that they go through. I personally think you have to twist his words to get that idea. Do I think this is huge? No. Did it strike a cord within me as something that should not be said? Yes. That is why I wrote the post.

If I upset anyone, I am sorry about that. Please contact me if you want to discuss it further

9 Responses to “Ron Artest Pays Homage to Drug Dealers, Video”

  1. At what point is Artest "shouting out his homies" in the TNT interview? Sager asked a question. Artest answered it.

    And where is he "idolizing street life" in his video post? Anyone watching this video who isn't primed to find fault with what Artest says would see very clearly that he isn't suggesting that street is the preferred path. He pays homage to people "stuck" in the streets. Rarely are people "stuck" in preferable situations. Artest is speaking to the reality that for some in the inner city, crime is sadly, the most viable avenue to any kind of success.

  2. johnathan brown says:

    your an idiot you believe that the greatest basketball players are only the ones that make it to the nba ? Artest has never been a favorite of mine but he is as “real” as they come your talking about a man who changed his whole approach to life hes been to africa to help out he has done work in the queensbridge projects , would u rather him live that life or give props to the neighborhood that made him the ridiculously tough defender and competitor that he is.He made it out so he’s speaking to those still there and have no way of a better life.Wat do u do to help out who are you ? and where do you pay homage ? is it to these corporate losers who sign your checks you probably would give a kidney to be the number one sportswriter in the nation,chris webber and Barkley were uset that artest spoke the truth charls never played D or won a championship and webber has never won anything because he usually chokes lol so walk a day in rons true warrior shoes lol before you judge him

  3. I did not judge him. He said he pays homage to drug dealers. He needs to reword that or stop using words he does not understand.

    But thanks for calling me an idiot for one thing I said, and then saying I am judging him just because I said that he speaks irresponsibly

  4. Mike, Pasadena CA says:

    Ron Artest cares about the kids from where he came from. He cares about those who didn’t make it because they weren’t able to escape the harsh realities of life in the streets. His video was a lot more truthful and generous to to his critics than they’ve been to him. But congratulations on piling on so self-righteously. People like you will never be part of the answer and I have more respect for him (with all of his well-documented problems) than I do for you.

  5. I agree with this Aaron fellow. Artest was obviously not idolizing street life or whatever you want to call it. He seemed less than enthused that this friend of his was in and out of jail and could not find the path Ron found. He may have been sympathetic towards drug dealers, but I don’t think that’s wrong. If anything, he should be admired for his compassion rather than childishly insulted for attempting to “keep it real,” as you say.

  6. Yea. Cody is dead on. Dealing is bad. However, Im not narrow-minded enough to believe that just because someone sells drugs they are a bad person. Ppl have all sorts of circumstances. I praise ron for giving a second look, it should be expected that some ppl would not understand his views. I for one won't villanizes him for it

  7. He said that he pays homage to drug dealers. Reword it any way you want to. That is what he said. That is what he meant, because that is what he said.

    I am not being self righteous. I think it is common sense to think that drug dealing is bad.

    I respect all of your views, but please understand that I will never understand how he can say ” I pay homage to the drug dealers” and that not be a problem.

    Like I said, this is not a huge deal. I just think he speaks very irresponsibly on his vlog that little kids can watch. Maybe these kids do not understand his mind as well as you all seem to do. Maybe they will not reword what he says to fit what they want him to say.

  8. Sorry, but I didn’t hear him say “I pay homage to the drug dealers.” He talks about people who made that wrong choice (it is clear to me, and I think plenty of other people who listen to this, that he thinks it is wrong) and then pays homage to them.

    There is a standard saying in Christianity – “Love the sinner, hate the sin”. Ron is giving some love to some sinners – sinners who he grew up with and helped make him the flawed and amazing person he is. His point is that there is a lot of talent (much more than basketball talent, in my opinion) being lost on the streets. He’s giving a shout out to that talent, since it is all-too-often forgotten.

    You and I probably would have said it differently – “Let us remember that there are some good, talented people whose lives are being wasted in broken urban settings” or some such. Ron Ron is using a different vocabulary to say basically that. Maybe you wouldn’t call them “good” people because they are drug-dealing – again, it depends on your moral system whether it is possible to be a “good” drug-dealer, but in my Christian upbringing anyone has some good in them and anyone can be redeemed.

  9. Eh, common sense may tell you that drug dealing is bad, but it also should tell you that people are not bad just because they deal drugs. It is perfectly fair for Ron to think fondly of people he knew personally who happened to deal drugs. He did not specifically say he’s “paying homage to drug dealers,” he was showing some respect for “street ballers” who never made it out of his neighborhood for a variety of reasons, even though they happened to be very talented basketball players. He mentioned “selling dope” to give an extreme example of what some people have to resort to in order to get by. He did not glorify it or idolize it, his voice was purely one of sympathy.

    I think someone who is able to appreciate a person who deals drugs for other characteristics deserves far more credit as a humanist than someone who writes people off for that alone.

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