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Listen To My Voice! I was on the @JoeSportsFan Podcast

06.05.2009 · Posted in Other

Listen To My Voice! I was on the @JoeSportsFan Podcast. I did not get all the way through the podcast due to circumstances that were beyond my control. I pulled a Moonlight Graham, but you can still hear my majestic annoying Southern twang. Yes, someone from England Tweeted me to point out my twang and compared it to Huck Fin. It was awesome that she listened to the podcast to hear me, but it I still consider my voice to be Western. Listen to it, and tell me what you think.

Also it is awesome that my son Aiden is becomeiong an interweb star. He is in most of my profile pics, and he is now on the Joe Sports Fan Podcast pic below. He will be bigger than the Numa Numa guy before he hits Kindergarten.

Thanks again to the guys for having me on. I am the shows self proclaimed biggest fan. I had a blast. I would also like to thank Tim Ryan from The Sports Hernia for sharing the Whiffle Ball segment with me, and finishing it strong. Here is the URL to the show. Tell me what you think, and how would you describe my accent.


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