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Top 10 Sports Movies That Make Men Cry, Video

Top 10 Sports Movies That Make Men Cry, Video. This a new feature on NESW sports. I will periodically work together with one of my blogging buds to put to together a stellar top 10 sports video. Adam Best was nice enough to kick things off. These 10 movies make men cry. If you did not even cry at one of them, congratulations! You have a heart of coal. Adam wrote an opening, and explanations of the choices below the vid. Tell us what you think. Thanks—-

I think one of the best things about the blogosphere is the joint projects, the meetings of the minds. In this collaboration we have Ethan of NESW Sports, basically the king of sports videos, teaming up with myself (Adam,, a huge sports and film geek. Considering the pairing, it’s no surprise that we chose “Top 10 Sports Movies That Make Men Cry” as our topic. You know, the sports movies that make you cry like you were a chick at a Beaches/Steel Magnolias doubleheader.

We both had our favorites. Ethan felt like Field of Dreams was the frontrunner, while I wanted Breaking Away and Hoop Dreams to make the cut. In the end, I think we put together a list that’s pretty hard to beat. Here it is….

  • Breaking Away – About cycling? Yes. Corny? Yes. But this movie has a special soul. It’ll both pump you up and touch you, which is amazing given the subject. One of the most underrated movies ever.
  • Chariots of Fire – Did I say Hoop Dreams was my favorite sports movie? I meant this instead. You’ll either connect with Eric Liddell or Harold Abrahams. One of them is going to have you wiping ’em away.
  • Hoosiers – What more even needs to be said about this movie. The ultimate underdog team sports movie. They keep trying to recreate it, but there’s only one Hoosiers. Gets me every time.
  • Any Given Sunday – An amazing movie at times, tremendously flawed one at others. Al Pacino’s legendary pre-game locker room speech might have been his last great performance. That speech gets any guy who played football right in the gut.
  • Rocky – The most famous sports movie ever, and there’s a reason. When Rocky’s face has been battered black and blue by the end and he starts yelling “Adrian,” your eyes can’t help but get watery.
  • Hoop Dreams – My favorite sports movie ever. You will not find a documentary with this kind of magical narrative anywhere else. I choke up every time I see it, and I watch it at least once every year despite its three-hour running time.
  • Million Dollar Baby – A brilliant movie about a girl boxer who shocked the boxing world, and then had the world crash down on her. One of the saddest movies I have ever seen — in any genre.
  • Rudy – Before Samwise Gamgee was turning on our eye faucets in LOTR, he was tearing us up as Rudy Ruettiger. Even though I despise Notre Dame, I couldn’t help but root for that dude with all my heart.
  • Brian’s Song – This one has the reputation of being the tearjerker of all sports tearjerkers. An amazing story. The true crime here is that so many people haven’t seen it.
  • Field of Dreams – A baseball film that’s more about having great passion for something than it is baseball itself. This is one of two Kevin Costner movies I love (along with The Untouchables). I think just about every guy got misty eyed the first time they saw this one.
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  1. Missed “Pride of the Yankees”!

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  3. Great list – “The Natural” could have snuck in there too…

  4. Missed “Miracle”. Add in that Herb Brooks died during post-production and never saw it, sprinkle in Jim Craig looking for his dad, and wow, pure chill moment.

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  6. Rudy is always great…the underdog that the coach doesn’t necessarily believe in, but everyone else does!

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  9. victory

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  12. Remember the Titans.

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