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Rafael Palmeiro Tries To Cash in on the Manny Good Vibes, Video

07.06.2009 · Posted in MLB, Sports Videos

Rafael Palmeiro Tries To Cash in on the Manny Good Vibes, Video. Since Raffy’s positive steroid test we have heard zilch from him. Now, all of the sudden, he shows up with a white goatee and starts talking about a conspiracy. I believe Palmeiro has been sitting at home looking at Manny getting cheered in Sacramento, and wondering where he went wrong.

Why else would he do it now? Some morons are still talking about Manny going to the HOF, and no one is giving Palmeiro a chance. Does anyone believe Raffy? This is almost as convenient as Sammy forgetting how to speak English. (Edit- He was added to the college baseball HOF 7-3-09. That might have some to do with this interview, but I still think Manny is the main reason )

BTW, did anyone watch that little movie “8 Men Out”? I am sure most of you have. My question is, why do writers today have so many if’s and but’s when it comes to steroids? If you watch “8 Men Out” the bipartisan judge says that anyone betting on baseball, or knows of someone betting on baseball and does not turn them in, are to be banned from baseball for life.

Why is there not one single person with a back bone? Why doesn’t someone at ESPN or MLB or ATH or PTI or ETC… stand up and say I am going on a campaign to pressure all writers to explain why they will vote for a steroid user to go into the HOF? Why is this any different than the Black Sox scandal? Don’t tell me that the fans, the writers, or the management had anything to do with steroid use. The players took the roids.

If you want to say the period is tainted, you are too late. Everyone is already saying that. If you want to tell me that we will have to weigh our options in the future, once we have all of the information in front of us, then I say man up (Buster Olney). Get a back bone and take a stance. Ask the hard questions, and say that anyone linked to steroids is not going to the HOF, and if no one is eligible, then so be it.

Now that I have officially ranted, here is the video.

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