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Mark Wahlberg’s First Pitch Hits Fan in the Butt, Video

07.09.2009 · Posted in MLB, Sports Videos

Mark Wahlberg’s First Pitch Hits Fan in the Butt, Video . Mark Wahlberg threw out the first pitch at Fenway on Monday. Not only did Marky Mark get one chance to get the ball to the plate, but the New Kid On The Block got two chances, and he barely made the 2nd one near the plate. He even hits a fan in the butt. Please do not pay attention to the opening of the video. Save yourself from Skip Bayless and skip to the 4:37 mark. If you are keeping track at home, this year we have Baba Booey, Adam Carolla, Mike Golic, and now Mark Wahlberg.

12 Responses to “Mark Wahlberg’s First Pitch Hits Fan in the Butt, Video”

  1. Obvious what Wahlberg was concentrating on…

  2. Michael Baggett says:

    Mark was not a new kid on the block, his brother was. Just say'n.

  3. Marky Wahlberg was not a New Kid on the Block. His brother was.

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  8. Donnie Wahlberg was the New Kid, not Mark.

  9. Mark was an orginal member of new kids on the block (wikipedia)

  10. Mark is not a member of the New Kids on the Block…..His brother Donnie is not was.

  11. Mark was only a New Kid for a few weeks wwwaaayyy before they got famous. You are thinking about his brother Donnie. Now THAT's a New Kid.

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