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Kevin Costner is not bashful on the links, Video

07.24.2009 · Posted in Golf, Sports Videos

Kevin Costner is not bashful on the links, Video. These 2 ladies have a website and Youtube channel devoted to wine, and the tasting/ drinking of it. They most likely live in Canada, and they heard that Mike Weir was going to have a Charity Classic Pro-Am as part of the 100th playing of the RBC Canadian Open. Mike Weir has a connection with wine, because he has his own winery. You know what that means! Road Trip!

Why waste a great opportunity to drink wine and interview famous people for your wine youtube channel? There is video evidence that they were a little tipsy ( Better seen in the second video below). With a little courage from a bottle and a camera they hunted down Kevin Costner. They interrupted his golf game for an impromptu interview. Kevin played along. He probably smelt the wine on her breath. I think this was also a scene from Tin Cup.

These 2 cougars also interviewed Luke Schenn of the Toronto Maple Leafs. “Ask him if he likes wine Georgia.” “That a great question actually. Thanks wine lady”

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  3. That’s a pretty nasty flavor saver Mr. Costner has going on there. I bet the cougars love it, though.

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