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LeBron James: Hand Gestures Are So Gang Related, Video

08.10.2009 · Posted in NBA, Sports Videos

LeBron James: Hand Gestures Are So Gang Related, Video. If you read this blog you know for a fact that I am one of LeBron’s biggest fans. I am a fan of his to a fault sometimes. I can admit that. I was not on the “Hate LeBron Summer” Bandwagon. In fact, I was driving the “Why are people acting crazy? This is the Olympic Gold Medal winning NBA MVP we are talking about” Bus.

I say all of that just to show where I am coming from. I am not a “hater”. I was just watching some Youtube Videos and saw a bunch of LeBron hand gestures that my simple mind would equate to gang signs. The problem is that I am so out of the loop that I just want to ask what they are. The readers can judge for themselves. I am pleading ignorance on what the signs actually mean. I know one stands for Cleveland.

I will say this. Why do it at all? Is it cool? Does anyone not know you are from Ohio? Hanging around rappers and throwing up signs does not scream maturity to me. Also on the second video LeBron calls himself “King James”… I do not remember MJ calling himself Air Jordan.

I hope I do not sound racist or too out of touch, but if my favorite NBA player acted like this all the time IE throwing up hand gestures every five seconds and referring to himself in 3rd person using his own nicknames, I would be finding a new favorite NBA player. I like the walk softly but carry a big stick type, and that is what I thought LeBron was. I hope this is a fad just like hating LeBron this summer was a fad. When LeBron is dropping 30-50 every night, the Jordan Crawford dunk will be a distant memory. If he is dropping 30-50 and throwing up signs and calling himself King James, that is a different story.

If you disagree with most of what I said, I hope we can all agree hand gestures in every photo opp is not cool. I am 99% sure that the hand gestures are all “OK”, and not bad gang signs. I am 100% sure that all the hand gestures are silly and childish, but that is my square point of view. I hope this does not hurt my street cred, and I hope LeBron is not worried about his. If you ball every night, street cred is automatic.

In the vid I think he is with Jeezy and Soulja Boy. There is some NSFW language in the vids. The signs in the pic above are all the signs.

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  1. […] I’m sick of this Derrick Rose Gang sign garbage.  LeBron makes a billion hand signs all the time, I’m sure at least one of them is a gang sign, someone bother him about it instead of picking on poor Derrick. [NESW Sports] […]

  2. Stupidest post ever. What’s up with this title. LeBron is in no way associated with gangs. So please get your facts straight before posting stuff like that.

    • true he is no gangster. But the reason Jay-Z puts that sign in front of his face is to show the pyramid with the one eye. They don't always put it to there eye cause they don't want any1 to know anything for certain. But Jay-Z calls himself Hova as a form of blasphemy. "Jehovah" aka God.

  3. I never said he was associated with gangs. I said it was possible, and hand gestures are associated with gangs, and he throws a lot of them up when he hangs around rappers.

  4. Asa Pritchard says:

    I have typos because I was frustrated typing I am educated though. LOL!

  5. I know that the gestures do not stand for doughnuts. My point is that throwing up signs can be easily confused.

    The title has a colon in it, and the end of his name does not have an apostrophe. It is not possessive or accusatory.

    It would be like someone wearing pants that look like bee bottoms and someone writing the title .

    "Jim Johnson: Bell Bottom Pants are so 1970's"

    I was stating that he throws up hand gestures, and that hand gestures are associated with gang signs. I did not say that he throws up gang signs. I also said that it is annoying to see that many different hand gestures flying up all over the place in a short amount of time. That is a personal opinion most likely shared by many.

    Great comments, but I was not being racist or ignorant.

  6. Asa Pritchard says:

    You need to do research before you post up stupid remarks like this. He is associated with JAY-Z & Rocafella Records. They are best friends and the is not a doughnut stupid is a diamond. Many people throw up westside in photos. Its fun to represent where you are from or where you live. Because you know what the hands signs of Peace, Hang Loose, F-You and other hand gestures is. I guess you wouldnt consider those gang related huh? Just do your research. Black people are trend setters, Learn about us. We all dont bang!

  7. mac user says:

    The signs he and jayz as well as many other rappers not even affiliated with Rocafella and/or Jayz is not a diamond but rather pyramid… it is a sign of the illuminati/masons… read up people…


  8. its the illuminati and satanic hand gestures that "King " is throwing up. Do your research. it will blow your mind. (Lebron and Illuminati on "")

  9. the signs are maybe more than gang related. You tube search some illuminati and freemasons videos, lebron saluting the devil before games, after the national anthem. CHeck out some of the things and you might change your mind but maybe not.

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