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The Lip Rug 4 Horsemen, Pic. T5T

08.24.2009 · Posted in MLB

The Lip Rug 4 Horsemen, Pic. T5T. This is my new feature “Today’s 5 Things” . It will usually, like today, be accompanied by an absolutely hilarious picture. Try not to LOL too loud. If you ever have any tips, for headlines or pics, drop me a line. Thanks for reading!

  1. Lou Holtz is insane. He picks Notre Dame to go to Nat Title Game < SECFB
  2. Why the Lakers will not Repeat < The Hoop Dr’s
  3. You should have watched golf last weekend < The World of Isaac
  4. I completely disagree with this post :-) < Paneech
  5. Pujols and Bo Jackson BOMBS < JoeSportsFan

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