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I Crush You Now! T5T

08.26.2009 · Posted in MMA and Boxing

I Crush You Now! T5T. This is my new feature “Today’s 5 Things” . It will usually, like today, be accompanied by an absolutely hilarious picture. Try not to LOL too loud. Today’s pic came from PWNED Video. If you ever have any tips, for headlines or pics, drop me a line. Thanks for reading!

  1. These are not your Daddy’s Junction Boys < EDSBS
  2. The Joe Sports Fan Radio Network is growing! with friends from HHR and The Sports Hernia
  3. Mark Sanchez is a Dweeb! < Sports Crackle Pop
  4. Stay Classy Detroit News < The World of Isaac
  5. Jay Cutler Predictions < JCS

Bonus: The Top Sports Stars to let their Soul Glo.


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