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Mike Holmgren, In Loving Memory FAIL

09.01.2009 · Posted in NFL, Sports Videos

Mike Holmgren, In Loving Memory FAIL. I saw the video below of a crazed Seattle Seahawks fan who has covered his legs with Tattoos. I know what you are saying, and yes the NFL is so Fun Tastic that even the Seahawks have crazed fans.

I started to look at his prized leg art, and I noticed that his Holmgren was very “Prison Tattoo”ish. It reminded me of the interweb famous “In Loving Memory” Tattoo (pictured above), and thus this post was birthed. Seriously, tattoo parlors should have signs that say, “This is for life yall!”

3 Responses to “Mike Holmgren, In Loving Memory FAIL”

  1. […] Who wants a giant Mike Holmgren tattoo? Whimsical Seattle Seahawks fans, that’s who.  And it looks like the guy somehow got the creators of King of the Hill to do his body art.  <neswsports> […]

  2. […] Mike Holmgren, In Loving Memory FAIL – Many believe that Raider Nation had the market when it came to obsessive fan tattoos. NESW Sports debunks that theory with this video of one Seahawk fan who will never forget 2005. […]

  3. […] Sports has proof that a tatoo doesn’t wash off as some Seattle Seahawks fans are stuck with Mike Holmgren pasted to their bodies […]

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