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Great News! Emmitt Smith Is Still Talking!

09.07.2009 · Posted in NFL, Sports Videos

Great News! Emmitt Smith Is Still Talking!. Emmitt left the not so friendly confines of the ESPN studios last year, and we all thought he was done. We were wrong. Now he is doing pre-recorded “spontaneous” cameos on Fox Sports. ( I do not know if this video was actually on their network or if it was a “straight to internet” production, but either way it has its moments. )

Emmitt is being pre-recorded so he can have multiple takes answering simple questions. Somehow he still messes up the first question. The whole video has its moments but, please let me delve into the first question in more detail. For background purposes, it is important to note that Emmitt is standing in front of a tailgate for no good reason at all.

The question is “What do you think of the new place ( Dallas Cowboys New Stadium )”
Emmitt’s answer
I think the stadium is absolutely stunning. ( He should have quit here. He answered the question, but continues to talk. )
For fans that are going to the ball game, they have an opportunity now to tailgate at a brand new stadium and smoke it up and saranate ( Saranate is often confused with serenade )
the whole stadium itself. To me tailgating is a part of gameday experience. (What does this all have to do with the question? )
And what we found is that 42% of the people prefer pork over the other meat ( That line, by itself, needs to be in a commercial! It will be brought to you by haters of the other meat )
And at tailgate parties I can understand why ( Once again the question had nothing to do with tailgating )
because pork is easy, easy to cook, its simple ( I heart you Emmitt! )
and affordable, and so going to gameday stadium, ( Cowboys Stadium )
look for everyone out there to be tailgatin. To be using some type of pork meat on their grills.

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