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The Ron Artest “Homeless Reverse Game Show!” Video

09.08.2009 · Posted in NBA, Sports Videos

The Ron Artest “Homeless Reverse Game Show!” Video. Here are the rules. Ron Artest films himself doing random acts of kindness. Here he is giving a homeless man some food from Rosco’s. The trick is that the homeless guy needs to get every question wrong. He almost ruined it all by knowing that the Lakers were a sports team, but the judges were looking for “NBA team”.

In all seriousness, I thought this was an awesome move on Ron Ron’s part. I hope more stars do it. “Feed the naked and clothe the hungry”, I always say.

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  1. […] he could make tributes to Michael Jackson, show us the process of him signing with the Lakers, and feed homeless people with Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. Whenever we see a headline from Skeets on Ball Don’t Lie that involves the words “video” and […]

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