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Dwight Howard vs Dwight Schrute, video

09.22.2009 · Posted in NBA, Sports Videos

Dwight Howard vs Dwight Schrute, video. I have no idea when or where this is, or if the commercial has already aired. I just know that Rainn Wilson and Dwight Howard have a mini battle of words during the downtime of a commercial they shot. The people that produced the video are from a new site called which is a site for fans of all sorts and is not the name of a new Will Ferrell vehicle.

They answer all the important questions: Dwight v. Shaq? Skittles v. Starburst? Oysters v. Clams? Mariah v. Beyonce? Boxers v. Briefs?
update: Ball Don’t Lie has more pics of the event.

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  1. I look forward to seeing this commercial. Should be interesting

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