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Henry Burris, Global Gym Cobras Touchdown Dance, Video

09.28.2009 · Posted in NFL, Sports Videos

Henry Burris, Global Gym Cobras Touchdown Dance, Video. Who is Henry Burris? You need to brush up on your CFL. He is the Calgary Stampeders’ QB. What is the Global Gym Cobras Touchdown Dance? You need to brush up on your Ben Stiller movies. Dodgeball was the movie, and The Cobra was the dance.

Why can’t the stiffs in the NFL do anything original like this? All we get is a bunch of grown men unsnapping their chinstrap with enthusiasm… Seriously… That is the move that has taken over the nation. As soon as someone scores they unsnap their chinstrap as if to say ” I’m too sexy for this chinstrap”.

Now he just needs to get the whole team to do it.
Nobody makes Henry Burris bleed his own blood.

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