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Kobe Bryant Knows How To Shut Up Derrick Rose, Video

10.06.2009 · Posted in NBA, Sports Videos

Kobe Bryant Knows How To Shut Up Derrick Rose, Video. Sometimes when you are talking smack with your boys, your boys know how to shut you up. That is exactly what the Mamba does to Mr. Rose. I have a feeling that Kobe could “shut up” about 98% of the league with the same trash talk. The bad news for the league, and everyone else is that there is no longer a comeback.

We used to say that he could not win one without Shaq, but now we will all have to do exactly what Rose did. Shut Up. ( Disclaimer: It pains me to write that, but it is true. As much as we all clowned on Kobe for not winning one with Shaq, we need to give him his dap for winning without him.)

10 Responses to “Kobe Bryant Knows How To Shut Up Derrick Rose, Video”

  1. So awesome. How do you not love DRose?

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  3. Bridget Sattefield Malone says:

    Hi. Derrick Rose can’t kept up with Kobe Bryant. Kobe is too fast for Derrick Rose. Derrick needs some more practice. Thank You.
    A Fan of the NBA, Bridget Satterfield Malone,Memphis,TN.

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  6. You can’t not love Derrick Rose because he the best: He the type that gives you a reason to watch basketball.

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  8. Derrick Rose could shut Kobe up quick smart… but I suppose it’d be poor form to bring up Eagle Colorado

  9. This was a commercial shoot lol. YouTube it, and no Bryant is not quicker then Rose because he is old. But Kobe is still the better overall player because of his experience and time will tell if Rose lives up to be great as he surely has potential to be.

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