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Yall will have to explain to me why everyone hates Brett Favre.

10.06.2009 · Posted in NFL, Sports Videos

Yall will have to explain to me why everyone hates Brett Favre.

He is one of the best ( maybe the best ) QB’s to ever play.
How many times did he really retire with a press conference? 2 times and one of those times he was pushed out by the Packers after having one of his best years. Would you retire after having one of your best years?

Packer fans that hate Favre now are the worst kind of fans. They are the people that cheered for Barry Bonds and then helped make sure there was no sign of Bonds in the new stadium. They blindly cheer for the name on the front of the jersey, and then could care less about the name on the back of the jersey once it is removed. ( No, Favre is not Bonds, but the level of fanaticism was the same. )

This is one of the best sports stories of the year. The Packers gave up on him, and he came back and beat them, and will most likely win the division whilst QBing their rival team. The Packers fans should not be mad at Favre for doing that. They should be mad at the Packers for letting him do that. They should be burning the jerseys of the Packers head office personal.

Brett Favre is a living legend. If you hate that he hogs the spot light, I have news for you. Living legends do that especially when they are still playing. If you are mad that he wanted to retire several times and waffled again and again about the decision, then you need to realize that he is not the first. That has happened many times to the worlds most loved athletes. Favre might be the worst at it, but that is no reason to hate him. This is how we solve that problem.

1. If someone wants to retire, we should get emotionally attached, but if they come back, then we should label them as a “Favre”
2. We should not believe a word they say about retirement.
3. We should not even cover their retirement/nonretirement press conferences.
4. We should believe them when they are inducted into the HOF.

3 Responses to “Yall will have to explain to me why everyone hates Brett Favre.”

  1. Brett Pohanka(hillbert) says:

    Great post man! As a big Packer fan I have to agree. I feel truly blessed for all the years I was able to watch Favre up and close @ Lambeau. He is a living legend and should be shown some respect. I despise the current Packer management and how they treated him. I’m ashamed of the fans who so quickly turn their backs on their heroes. I will never be a Vikings fan, but I will always cheer on Favre.

  2. Packer Fan says:

    I agree. I don’t understand why the Packers didn’t try to work things out with Brett Favre. Living Legends don’t come along for a team every day. Now the Vikings are winning games against us with our icon. The worst part is that TT and MM seam to be alright with that. That is very disapointing.

  3. Bull. Packer fans that hate Brett Favre are not the worst kinds of fans.
    I don’t care if St. Peter comes down from Heaven to quarterback the Minnesota Vikings. I will never root for any Viking quarterback. I will loathe them, boo them and do everything in my power to rattle them.
    You have a great argument about Favre if he was still a Jet.
    The Packers in no way forced him out. That is just silly. It is rubbish. At the end of the 2007 season (as real die-hards will remember), Favre had said that he planned to return in 2008. Packers management had said they would welcome Favre. As the players emptied their lockers the day after the loss in the NFC title game, all was normal. It was assumed Favre was coming back. The Packers had no need to do any more butt kissing. They run a football team. No one is above the team.
    The Packers needed an answer. The draft comes in April. OTAs are soon to follow. It was Brett Favre that changed the game by retiring.
    The story is also very credible that Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy were ready to board a plan for Mississippi soon after Favre’s retirement after word he may want to return. He again changed his mind, the Packers moved on and the rest is history.
    Favre yanked the Packers around. He retired and expected to waltz back in right before training camp as if nothing had happened. It was Rodgers that had become the leader, inviting teammates to his home. The offense was built around him. Had Favre been allowed to come back then, Rodgers would probably now be a Kansas City Chief and the Packers future at the QB position would be a much bleaker picture.
    Did both sides handle things poorly? Yes, indeed. But you can’t blame the Packers for moving on in the predicament Favre put them in. The same is true for Favre. If he truly had a change of heart and love of the game, by all means continue to play. But the Jets gave up their plans for him. They were loyal to him. In 2008, I felt comfortable rooting for the Packers and the Jets. It was like Lombardi to the Redskins or Lambeau to the Chicago Cardinals. It was OK.
    I didn’t like the fact that John Elway cried his way to Denver after being drafted by the Colts. I hated the way Eli Manning and his daddy cried their way to NY after he was drafted by San Diego. And the nonsense Favre pulled to go to the Vikings was crap.
    A second retirement was bad enough. When Trent Dilfer asked him straight up as the 2009 season approached if he would consider playing again, he texted him back “no.” He lied to all of our faces, again and again. He never learned from his mistakes. It is all about FAVRE, and that is tasteless, even for a legend.
    There are 30 teams that Packer fans could stomach Favre playing on. Favre did not make an exception for Packer fans, so why on earth should an exeption be made for him? Why should we root for a team we loathe just because of one man? He is not a better human being than us. He cares little of the Packer fans. Why should the Packer fans do any different?
    He yanked the Packers and Jets and the public around so he could land on the team that he wanted. Training camp didn’t matter, loyalty (the Jets) didn’t matter. Many Packer legends are upset with Favre as well, and many say they would have retired if Minnesota was the only destination.
    You can make the argument that Minnesota is a perfect fit for Favre. So what? Again, I didn’t like how Elway landed in Denver or Eli in NY. No honest person can believe he didn’t retire from the Jets in the hopes of landing in Minnesota.
    I don’t care if Hitler runs the Packers and Mother Teresa quarterbacks the Vikings. My loyalty is always with the Packers. To root for Favre this year would take an ammount of apathy for the Green Bay Packers on my part, which I do not have.
    When Favre finally does retire, if he comes back to Green Bay, signs a one-day contract and retires a Packer, puts on a Packer hat and takes his place in the Packer family, I will forgive him. If he doesn’t, I never will. But not this season. He is a Viking. I hope he fails, and it is the TRUE PACKER FANS that will never root for the arch enemy because on one man that decided he wanted to spite the Green Bay Packers.

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