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Top 7 WWE Entrance Videos of All-Time

11.20.2009 · Posted in Other

It’s time for my weekly top videos, and for some reason the old days of the WWE have been on my mind. Sure its fake, but tell me the drama and characters were not exciting and fun and I’ll call you a liar. Anyways, enjoy!

7. Stone Cold Steve Austin

When that glass broke, you knew there was going to be some redneck beer-drinking bad news for whoever was in the ring.

6. Macho Man Randy Savage

Who could forget the Macho Man. And of course I had to pick a clip with the lovely Miss Elizabeth.

5. Degeneration X

I just got two words for you!

4. Undertaker

Maybe not the greatest entrance of all-time, but the classic nature of it and the fact that it has been around for almost 20 years puts it here on the list.

3. The Rock

My favorite wrestler of all-time. Did you know the Rock wrote almost all of his own lines?

2. HBK

The cheesiest of the bunch? Maybe, but definitely memorable for one of the great WWE entertainers of my lifetime.

1. Hulk Hogan

A Real American. How many of us grew up loving Hulkamania?

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