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LeBron James has a Signature Dunk! What Should We Call It?

12.23.2009 · Posted in Uncategorized

LeBron James has a Signature Dunk! What Should We Call It? The other night LeBron slammed hard on Amare, and it reminded me of his dunk on KG in the 07-08 playoffs. The KG dunk will be on “best dunks of all times” lists because everyone was watching it and KG is such a superstar, but it was still the same dunk.

The dunk consists of LeBron driving hard to a spot about 2 feet on the right of the rim, jumping towards the right side of the backboard, twisting his body and dropping the ball like a hammer on the rim. The defender is not used to the dunker driving the the right of the rim and it crosses them up.

I’ll also post below a video of him doing a very similar dunk on Tim Duncan. He is the only person doing this dunk regularly, he is doing it to big named defenders KG, Amare, and Duncan, so it is safe to say it is his dunk. What should we call it? Leave comments below or email me

LeBron on Amare from the other night

LeBron on KG last year with authority!

LeBron on Duncan back in the day. This is not the same exact dunk, but I think it was version 1.0 of the final product.

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