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Shaq bought LeBron a Phantom for his B-day? Video

12.31.2009 · Posted in NBA

Shaq bought LeBron a Phantom for his B-day? Video. I am guessing that this does not happen all the time. LeBron’s Birthday was yesterday, Dec 30th, as was mine. Instead of getting the King a card and an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, Shaq bought him a white Phantom Rolls Royce car, pictured above. Shaq explains in the video below that he had not even told LeBron about it yet, and the reporter could go tell him if he wants. That car has a hefty price of $434 thousand. That is $434 GRRR!

This year Shaq has made $21 Million and is averaging 10 points and 7 boards. What did Anderson Varejoa give LeBron? He gave him his first NBA 3 pointer, and it turned out to be the game winner ( 2nd video ).

It’s good to be the King.

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  5. Great journalism. But aren't you supposed to check facts before you publish an article? A quick call to the Cavs PR, and you will find this is a joke. This seems like something that should have been done before you posted the article. The Cavs have a PR department for a reason. It literally only takes one minute to check the facts of this story. This is lazy sloppy journalism at it's best. Just because you're on the internet doesn't exempt you from doing the basic research for a story. Come on now.

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